Below are some pictures of recent repairs and/or conversions.

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1940 Cadillac Lasalle

This radio came to me in very poor condition. It was the worst I’ve ever seen. It had broken, yellowed push-buttons and one of the select finger was broken. The wiring was frayed and someone had replaced some of it with plastic insulation. Years later, heat had cracked the plastic, causing some short circuits. Two tubes were incorrect. Of course, resistors had aged causing the values to go very high. Capacitors dried out. This radio used the miniature “bayonet” antenna receptacle; which is quite rare. The antenna lead-in cable had been chopped, requiring the need for the replacement of that connector.

The speaker needed to be re-coned, and the covers had to be re-flashed copper for shielding sake. Finally, the exterior was repainted to the original black wrinkle finish.


Before and After Photos


1965 Corvette

This radio came in with a bent control shaft and the radio needed a complete overhaul.



1939 Lincoln Zephyr