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Aurora Design pioneered Bluetooth/USB in classic vehicle radios and still leads the way! While others offer outdated, rudimentary Bluetooth, only Aurora Design offers full, modern Bluetooth and USB functionality!

Most are skeptical on changes, thinking stock won’t be original anymore,or others may give negative feed back. I think if most knew that stock appearances won’t always be compromised they would see the light and make the better choice for better results. I was grateful you had the expertise and suggestions to achieve the proper results in my radio as you surely do with all your jobs you take on. I think most in your field fail to do so or don’t offer to do so for whatever reasons? I am also glad to get the wiring diagram and related info on my specific radio in my Ford. I never had this valuable info since I have had the car since 1974 when my grand mother passed the car on to me when I was living in St. Louis, MO. There were several parts you replaced and removed from the radio. I was surprised. Years of operation and service should be in the plan for sure. All the best. Thanks again Chet.

Scott – Scarborough, ME

Introducing the BTU Smart-3.2 / BTU-3.2

The BTU Smart-3.2 is the final culmination of over a year of research and design. This update brings the FMR Configurator capabilities, the ability to fully control the FMR/BTU, to the mobile space.

When a radio is equipped with an FMR-3.0 and a new BTU Smart-3.2, using the free FMR Connect™ App for iOS™ (Android™ support coming soon) the user can control all radio functions from the Equalizer to the balance/fader controls, to the DAB radio station selections. All done in realtime, adjustments are reflected immediately on the radio for instant feedback.

Now radios with no tone control, thumbwheels, difficult knobs, etc. can be fully controlled without the twist actions. The only action that is required is to open Bluetooth Pairing. For Concourse Conversions, the Voice Assist HD can now be controlled, from full announcements, to limited Bluetooth announcements, to only ones that are initiated by the user. The user can also now lock the virtual radio controls so that these functions are only available through the App. This keeps other people from changing the settings or accidentally changing them.

In addition, the BTU Smart-3.2 offers all the latest Bluetooth 5.0 support like wideband speech or higher quality voice.

Much more functionality will be coming to the FMR Connect™ App in the coming months!

BTU Smart-3.2 (requires FMR): $295.00

BTU-3.1 (requires FMR):  $225 (while supplies last, will be replaced with the BTU 3.2-Smart)

The FMR-3.0

The FMR-3.0 replaces your existing radio circuit board or existing electronics. It is tiny and state of the art. Your radio should have a good, working volume control and on/off switch. Also, the tuner mechanism should move freely and the pushbuttons (if equipped) should all function. If this is not the case I will call you ahead of time without any obligation to proceed.

FMR-3.0: $525
Wonderbar / signal-seeking or Pre-WW2 radios add $50
Stereo Indicator LED add $25
Stereo Line Output / Subwoofer Jacks add $15 per jack

Note: Stereo Line Output / Subwoofer Jacks are normally supplied as RCA female dongles.



Optional FMR-DRH1/FMR-DRD1 Digital Radio Module:

The new FMR-DRH1/FMR-DRD1 Digital Radio Modules add support for HD Radio™ Technology and DAB/DAB+ Worldwide radio. These two exciting new products add a level of technology and performance found nowhere else for your classic vehicle radio.

With HD Radio™ Technology you can enjoy clear, static free, digital AM and FM radio. You will also get sub-channels on FM that adds to the number and type of content. For more information and to find stations in your area, please visit https://hdradio.com. DAB/DAB+, utilizing an Aurora Design patented interface, is the first time this technology is offered in an original classic vehicle radio. As analog radio (AM/FM) is phased out around the world, DAB/DAB+ will be the only radio available to millions of people.

DRH-1 : $120

The New BT-3.0 All the Features of the BT-1/2 and Then Some!

  • Standalone capability, the BT-3.0 can be integrated into your radio’s existing circuitry. FMR not required.
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 certified solution for greatest compatibility
  • Enhanced Voice Assist
  • Fully integrated with the FMR-3.0
  • AAC audio support
  • Automatically resumes playback from where it left off when radio is turned back on
  • Hands Free call hand-off
  • Call waiting/Conference call support
  • Supports internally and externally mounted microphone

BT-3.0 (Standalone): $275

BTL-3.0 (That’s BTLite)

New Product!

  • Same functionality as the BT-3.0
  • Offers Bluetooth support without any frills
  • Supports internal microphone and optional external microphone / external pushbutton control.
  • If both external functions are required its best to go with the BT-3.0 or BTU-3.1

BTL-3.0 (requires FMR): $130

Optional HPC-1  6 V Pos/Neg Ground Converter

The HPC-1 offers a new level of performance in 6V vehicles. Until now, owners of vehicles with original 6/12V positive ground and 6V negative ground systems were extremely limited with their converted radios due to the anemic output of available power converters. With the HPC-1, owners can now fully drive two 4 ohm speakers, or four speakers at reduced power.

The HPC-1’s highly efficient synchronous design ensures low power dissipation while providing maximum output to the radio. The HPC-1 can provide up to 56W output power from a 6V positive ground system and 90W output power from a 6V negative ground system with the engine at fast idle.

Fully filtered on all connections, and through the use of proprietary EMI reduction circuitry, the HPC-1 provides an extremely clean output without the need for large, power robbing external filters.

The HPC-1 features full reverse battery and transient protection. A low voltage lockout circuit ensures the converter always operates properly. No more blown fuses or damaged converters due to a weak battery! Due to the clever design of the HPC-1, only a single board is required for all installations reducing inventory. It’s extremely small size and low EMI output allow it to be mounted directly inside the converted radio simplifying installation and operation.

As with all Aurora Design products, the HPC-1 is designed to SAE specifications and built in the USA at an ISO9001:2000 facility.

HPC-1:  $150 


High Power Voltage Converter

Over 70% more powerful @ -6V and 1/4 the size of the competition!

Optional FMR-CM1 Courtesy Module:

The new FMR-CM1 Courtesy Module adds yet another level of modernization to your radio experience. As with many modern vehicles, the radio remains operational for a period of time after turning off the ignition or a door opens. This gives the user several minutes to listen to a song, finish a phone call, or continue charging their phone.


The FMR-CM1 can be wired to work in any negative ground vehicle including 6V vehicles using the HPC-1 power converter. The user will need to route a continuous battery feed to the radio and optionally a door switch circuit. Without the door switch circuit , the FMR-CM1 will just provide the timeout functionality.

CM1: $65

BLC-1/BUC-1  (Continuous Service Capacitor)

This module allows for continuous playback during the ignition process.

One downside to not having continuous battery power to the radio like in a modern vehicle is every time power is interrupted such as the engine being started or shut off or even just switching between the Run and Accessories positions, the Bluetooth and USB functions are reset. This results in the Bluetooth disconnecting and then reconnecting, interrupting playback and phone calls, or the USB restarting, re-indexing and then starting a song over from the beginning. The FMR-CM1 module addresses these issues but requires the vehicle to be rewired adding a continuous battery feed to the radio which many owners are reluctant to do, or pay to have done to their vehicle.

To address this issue the BLC-1 and BUC-1 boards were created. With these boards, the Bluetooth and USB will hold operation during normal vehicle operation such as starting or stopping the engine. As a bonus, these will even work in a positive ground installation unlike the FMR-CM1 module. The BUC-1 is designed to be used with the BTU-3.1 or USB-3.0 products while the BLC-1 is designed specifically for the BT-3.0 and BTL-3.0 products. There needs to be sufficient space within the chassis for mounting the BUC-1 package.

The images below shows BUC-1 circuit board and the required continuous service capacitors.  Note that these capacitors will not fit in all radios.

BUC-1 circuit board and the required continuous service capacitors

BLC-1: $50.00
BUC-1: $90.00



A word about conversions …

This requires sufficient space and a suitable environment to install the FMR / BT / BTU circuit packs. The station selector knob and any pushbuttons should operate freely. The volume control and any power switches should function properly.

Please ship your radio to me complete with all knobs to facilitate bench testing. I do not have a full collection of knobs for every radio model. If you want your speaker tested or re-coned, ship that as well.

If you have a cassette or 8 track built into your oem radio, this will require extra labor to interface into the FMR. A non-working cassette or 8 track repair is not part of the conversion price, and will be repaired on a T&M basis.

Painting or plating is an extra cost. Badly rusted or corroded metal parts are not part of the conversion and will be quoted separately before any work can proceed.

I will return ship via the local UPS store. They will pack it themselves thus assuring it arrives safely to you, fully insured for any loss or damage while in transit.

Radios that will require 3 hours extra labor on top of the listed conversion prices due to their construction :

  • Delco model 9344336 series – chassis 66CFMT2 -1975/6 Cadillac
  • Motorola model 5JC3802 series – 1975 Jeep

1966 Sunbeam Tiger

I think I told you I ordered some new infinity speakers for the kick panels.

I finally got around to installing the radio and new speakers last week.

I attached some photos of the finished product. I am really happy with the radio, thank you. It looks great with that red glowing Motorola “M”.

I finally have a functional, original option radio in this car after 20 years of chasing one down paired with a really nice reproduction radio  speaker and mounting surround.

Getting the bluetooth connected was simple,  the first song I played was Huey Lewis and the news, Back in Time… although not a Delorean, I thought it was fitting.

Keith – Frisco, TX